I recently shared on my teacher IG account about how my coworker shared an (amazing) idea about using Instagram as a theme for classroom management- & now I want literally everyone to know about this! Basically each class period develops their handle. They REALLY like this. My last class didn’t make the pic but they are called little chicken wings. (: The goal is for each class to get 10 likes. I give likes for being awesome, everyone working on the bellringer when the bell rings, being good for a sub, showing kindness, working well in groups, leaving the room clean at the end of the class period, etc. The key here is that the classes aren’t necessarily competing against each other- whoever gets to 10 first is great, but everyone else keeps going as the winner then gets to start over. I do this because we know there is that one class that would NEVER get there first and would totally lose interest. I have uploaded the templates for the IG theme free here if you want to print/laminate them for your board like I did. They are taped for now on my whiteboard- I will eventually do velcro when I have time haha!

When I posted this on IG, a lot of people wanted to know the incentives. I will start by saying some teachers may not want to use food/tangible items. That is totally fine- you do what works for you! I have a mixture of tangible/non-tangible items on a wheel from Amazon. However there are free virtual ones you can Google if you want! Here are my rewards:

  • Seating choice (I normally assign seats)
  • ice cream sandwiches
  • popcorn + candy
  • Game Time (Uno, board games, etc. last 15-20 min of class)
  • 15 min phone break (We are a no-phone school now so if we allow them to do this as a reward it’s a big deal bc it’s pretty rare!)
  • Chips
  • Go outside to work for the class period
  • Netflix Time (Last part of the period)
  • cookies + coke
  • Little Debbies
  • Donuts
  • Teacher’s Choice!

I want to ad that my 7th graders LOVE this. I was worried if they would buy in, but they totally do. This could also be used even if you don’t swap classes or if you want to do table groups, etc. What incentives do your students like!? I would love to know!

If you are looking for other classroom management strategies for secondary classrooms, head over to Lindsay Bowden’s post!!

13 responses to “Instagram: A Classroom Management Tool”

  1. theaverageteacherblog Avatar

    I LOVE this idea! That is so fun – and I bet students absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this idea!! And especially that they are working as a team, and trying to do the best they can to get to 10! Thanks for sharing this timely management strategy!

  3. What a fun concept! Great way to ‘stay with the times’!

  4. How fun! I never would have thought of this! I bet your kiddos love it! I would want to be in the chicken wing group…

  5. This is such a fun and cool idea! I love it!

  6. WOW! Didn’t know we could use INSTAGRAM for that, cool!

  7. Didn’t know we could use INSTAGRAM for this, cool!

  8. This is right up my ally! I love this!!! Totally going to use this with my 8th graders!

  9. What a fun, engaging idea! I love how relevant it is to today’s world. This will really draw students in 🙂

  10. This is SUCH a fun idea. I teach Grade 5 so I could totally see something like this working for them. The prize wheel makes it extra engaging.

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  12. […] desk haha but when the students did earn a prize and I got to bring it out.. JOY! I actually have a blog post about what students have to earn to spin this, so you can check it out there. It came with markers […]

  13. I have also given “class points” when there is 100% homework completion on the due dates. My students love the rewards of wearing a hat in class, pick their own partner for the day, a short Art Hub for kids video, and a “half off” homework assignment where they only are required to complete 1/2 of the problems assigned…(as the teacher, I get to agree to the evens/odds, top 1/2 or bottom 1/2, left 1/2 or right half, etc).

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