Place Value Bootcamp has been one of the best transformations EVER! To me the best part of a bootcamp is that it can be about any content.. I have seen bootcamps for reading, writing, and math! This particular bootcamp is content-wise perfect for 1st grade (or review for 2nd grade) BUT will also lay out the perfect general set-up for a bootcamp in your classroom no matter the grade. (:




Tell your kids to wear camo, black, brown, green.. I wore a camo tulle skirt!!

Make this a BIG deal!!

I told my class on Monday that we would have bootcamp on Friday. (They said what is a bootcamp???? #firstgrade) I told them every day we would be preparing for bootcamp- we mentally had to be prepared… OR ELSE lol. My particular bootcamp had 4 stations, so each day I taught how the station would work in small groups. (You could also do this whole group. My class needs small group everything.. I know my kids!) I only showed them enough so that they knew the routine of the game, task cards, etc. Then I would say okay, clean up, I have to show another group. They 100% protested!! They didn’t want to stop. I reminded them to be here Friday for bootcamp & they would see it again. This built up so. much. anticipation. I cannot tell you how many times I was asked if ‘today’ was bootcamp…. My particular bootcamp can be found here.

Bootcamp Chant!

There is a chant by Teacher Tipster on Youtube, but we changed it just a bit to add some personalization. (: In between rotations I had my students drop and give me ten! We did push ups, pull ups, jumping jacks.. it was SO much fun!

My Stations

Station 1:

These come with and without a QR code option.

Students will sort if place value statements are true or false. There are base ten models & descriptions such as 15 = 5 tens 1 one (false) or 35 = 3 tens 5 ones (true) There is a QR code option for this sort. 20 task cards total either way. (1.NBT.2)

Station 2:

This can be played as partners or as a trio.

This would be voted as the class favorite for sure! Students played a place value game 4 in a row to practice identifying 10-19, those tricky numbers made from a group of ten and then some ones. The students can play over & over again in this rotation. The best part are that the cards cover 3 variations. EX: 10+4, base ten models, and a description such as one ten and six ones. Students put their game piece (dollar spot erasers in my room) on the identified number to get 4 in a row. (1.NBT.2)

Station 3:

Some questions ask about tens and ones- some ask to draw base 10 models.
The dog tags are a part of my TPT product btw.

For this station, students completed a Write the Room for drawing base ten models and identifyfying the number of tens or ones in a number. There were a couple of variations. EX: Draw a base ten model for 13. How many ones are in 65? There is a recording sheet and 20 task cards total. (1.NBT.2) I was really impressed with those models!

Station 4:

There is also an option to print the task cards without the QR codes.
You can see the variation in contexts.

This station was great because my students compared numbers, but there was a little rigor here. Some number comparisons are listed such as 45 and 6 tens 3 ones. (Comparing the number 45 and 63.) There is a QR code option for this set of task cards. 20 cards total either way. (1.NBT.3)

Have you ever completed a bootcamp transformation? I would love to hear about it!

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