This is one of my favorite classroom transformations!! It is a popular one and I love the endless possibilities! We completed this contraction surgery in my classroom. Here are the details!


White Tablecloths

Velcro Dots

Gloves- Donated by my classroom parents!

Masks- Donated by my classroom parents!

YouTube Video of Heart Monitor

Name Tags

I got the tip to hang tablecloths from the ceiling by Simply Engagement with the Velcro dots!! It was SO cool. I had a parent make copies beforehand of the contraction booklets which saved me a lot of time, so I recommend doing this if possible. I of course modeled to the students how they were to cut the patients (words) with their scalpel (scissors) because this is VERY important for students to see the purpose of the surgery.

One trick I used to keep my students focused was reminding them that we could NOT wake the patients.. so we had to stay quiet!! If the noise level got a little loud you would hear a student say, ‘DO NOT WAKE THEM UP GUYS!’ and it was all I could do not to laugh. If a student finished early I told them to help a fellow surgeon!

There are so many possibilities with surgical transformations- before I taught 1st grade I used a TPT resource for a distributive property surgery. Have you done a medical transformation before!? I would love to hear about it!! 

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