I have wanted to do this for years and I am so glad I finally did! Besides the black lights this is actually not expensive. Many teachers borrow black lights from family friends. I was able to purchase some rather well-priced ones linked below.




*Black Tablecloths to cover windows


*Manilla envelopes if you use my number detective activity

*Neon glow tape (borrowed from a coworker!)

*Free note to send home the day before

Got the hype started the day before with this free note!
You could even use this without black lights but they make it SO much fun!
My number detective resource.

I used two resources to make 3 activities for my students! One is my own number detective activity that includes addition and subtraction within 20 without regrouping. Students use highlighters to draw models and it is awesome to see it glow! I used manilla envelopes to give it a real case file look. There is a certificate you can award at the end when they solve them all. I made sure to check each case before they moved on to the next.

The other activity I used was a missing number fluency to help prepare for DIBELS math state testing. I used a Target halloween ring toss kit and students solved those cards as they got a ring. The tic tac toe (first picture on the post) was made using the neon tape and students also used those cards. They had to solve a card before they could pic a spot for the X or O. These cards are great because answers are on the back! (Our math coach recommended them.)

Ring Toss. I wrapped the glow tape around it all!

I know that SO many glow transformations have been planned in classrooms! I would love to hear about yours! One of my students actually said this was the best day of his life LOL so I definitely want to do another before the year is over!! (:

We made a ‘Glow What You Know’ sign to celebrate!

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