I am THAT teacher that truly & honestly HATES being absent!!! It does not matter what the reason is for.. I just hate being out. Over the years I have two incentives that I always stick with when I have a sub and I wanted to share those with you!

My first tip is to leave substitute coupons!! These are free from Mrs. D’s Corner when you make a free account for her resource library! These definitely have more of a primary look, but if you teach older students I would simply suggest making a coupon with a more mature look. I think students of any age would want these!! Ideas for a reward: HW pass, 5 bonus points on lowest grade, CANDY, extra free time, lunch with a friend, chew gum in class, etc. The possibilities are endless.

So the coupon is definitely an individual thing, which I like. My second tip is more of a whole class incentive. I have a puff ball jar and we get a puff ball for things such as 100% attendance, class compliment, etc. If a REALLY good note is left by the sub I give 5 puff balls. You can adjust the amount as you wish. When it is filled we do something like donuts, pizza, extra free time, etc. I even did this when I taught two 3rd grade classes- I just had 2 jars.

What are your tips for good behavior incentives with a sub!?

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