So I am completely obsessed with teacher Instagram.. I can’t even deny it. I have an addiction! But it’s such a great one to have- I am constantly inspired. An awesome teacher (exceptionalelementary) shared three things that her first three years of teaching taught her. SO I wanted to share my own ‘fab four’ things that I have learned in my first 4 years. (I still can’t believe how fast 4 years have come and gone!)

  1. Kids watch me 24/7. The way I act is contagious to them. They watch how I handle situations, they watch how I interact with other teachers.. they watch how to I respond to just about anything. They watch and they remember. Set the example.
  2. I will not be everyone’s person & that is okay. I’m here for the kids. They are my ‘why’ to everything. I saw a quote on Twitter that said, ‘Be Bold. Be Brave. Be the best thing for kids.’ I’ve learned it’s okay to do something different or to just be different in general, especially if it’s what my kids need.
  3. This job probably won’t get any easier, but every year I get better & better. My goal is to be better than I was the year before. I have learned to be competitive against myself. There’s a lot I can improve on. Focusing both on what has gone well and what can get better has really helped me every year.
  4. I have the ability to make or break a kid. Even when there are circumstances I can’t control (home life for example), I actually have a lot I can control when they are under my care. This past year I learned to make every moment count & that actually impacts a lot more than I used to think. For those minutes they are with me.. I can control ALL of that.

What have you learned over the years? I would love to hear! xo Brooklyn

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