Amazon Class Wishlist

My friend over at Teaching With Amber Miller shared an Amazon Class Wishlist last year & I decided to try it out myself! So I made one, shared it on fb, & literally the next week every item had been donated!!! My cousin in LA decided to purchase the whole thing when he saw it which was so incredibly touching. As I continued to add items, they continued to be purchased. It felt AMAZING to see items come in for my kids. I had my settings set to ‘surprise’ me, so I didn’t know who purchased what until it was delivered & read the notes.

Once school started I put the list on a QR code memo for parents along with all the fun back to school paperwork we have to send home. At Christmas time I reminded them of the list through an editable memo in my TPT & about half of my parents used that list to purchase a Christmas gift for me + my class instead of the traditional mug or chocolate bar. I truly loved actually receiving a gift that was useful for the entire class.

If you want to check out my current school wishlist, you can find it here. If you need help brainstorming items to add to your list, you can type ‘classroom’ in the Amazon search bar & lots of inspo will pop up! As far as how to create a wishlist, here is a simple step by step set of directions! What items would you add to your list!? I would love to know!

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