Top 10 Amazon Classroom Finds

In no particular order, here are my top 10 Amazon finds that I use in my classroom!

Brick Bulletin Board Paper

This is likely the most beloved part of my classroom. (On Instagram I am asked if it is real!) There are actually multiple patterns available, but this city brick style is my favorite. I use frog tape to hang it, but most importantly use a razor blade to cut is- so it will be exact. (And hey if your school lets you use hot glue, a dab of that doesn’t hurt on the edges!) If you hate painting, this is for you. (-:

Hue Document Camera

This document camera is the best!! It gives such a sharp and crisp image. My favorite part is that when online learning began, I was able to bring this home (it’s so lightweight and small!) to use on my Mac. You know how most software only has one product key? And that’s the WORST!!! Well, this is not the case with Hue. You can use it multiple times!! I love that. I am able to use this with Google Meet when I use the project screen option. It’s great since I teach math and my students could follow along with the math steps.

Sterilite Clip Bins

These are great for organizing centers, games, laminated things, and more. I love how there is a perfect spot on the side to add a label too! (I hot glued those on myself fyi.) These are incredibly durable and will last for years.

Fishbowls and Tickets

I use these as a positive management system and you can read about that here. I basically used them for a positive ticket drawing every Friday. These tickets are never ending- I have about 150 students and I have plenty leftover for next year. Even with school dismissing early this year, I still would have had some rolls left.


Yes, this toolbox is a beautiful in person as it is in this photo. I could not find this exact size on Amazon anymore, but there are several other options. I got my labels from Miss 5th on TPT and printed those myself.


This is my quarantine project!! So I had plans to use this for spring test review and it never happened. However, I am still adding this to my list because it’s one of my Amazon purchases that I was most excited about this year. I have seen many teachers use this on Instagram for engaging activities so I cannot wait! I will update here with a blog post when I am able to finally implement my ideas. (:

Prize Wheel

It is quite possible that spinning this wheel was the biggest temptation in my classroom. I had to keep it behind my desk haha but when the students did earn a prize and I got to bring it out.. JOY! I actually have a blog post about what students have to earn to spin this, so you can check it out there. It came with markers to write with too!

Wireless Presenter

Well, this must in fact be the best presenter in the world because Gerry Brooks himself commented on my instagram post and said so LOL.

Large Foam Dice

I aesthetically regret in this moment that I don’t have a photo of these in my classroom but I will just have to patient and do that in the future! (: These dice are super fun. I used them in 1st grade and this year in 7th. Dice can be used for ALL the things- so if you like using dice, these are a must.

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