I use this learning targets goal setting for mid-unit assessments as well as summative assessments to group student learning needs based off specific targets. This is wonderful not only for my instruction, but also for student ownership. Students are able to reflect why they missed a particular learning target, and celebrate learning targets that were mastered. This is a great piece to present to parents to break down learning progressions and what needs to be mastered, WHY, and still celebrate what targets have been successful.

In the example above, the quick check consisted of 6 questions. Three involved one step equations with addition and subtraction, while the other three addressed one step equations with multiplying and dividing. As you can see, the student mastered the multiplication and division, known as target two. This student needs to practice the addition and subtraction, and reflected that this was due to mistakes with inverse operations.

What I love about this tool is that it’s so versatile- any subject can utilize this, and you can have multiple targets. Sometimes I have four! I try to stay between 2-5 so that it is not overwhelming and can remain concise.

I have a reel on Instagram showing how I used this for a summative assessment on rational operations.

The bottom number of each target represents the number of questions there were. For example, there were 4 questions for rational operations: integers. Students write the number they got correct for those and put as the numerator. This takes some practice, but after 2 times my students really grasp the concept and don’t need as much support filling this out. I usually write on the board questions 1-4 addressed this target, etc.

Students reflect on why they missed particular questions as we work through them. I allow them to glue these in their notebooks, and they can be pulled out for conferences. You can also file these in a folder. Then I conduct small groups based on who needs to still master what target. P.S. YOU decide what mastery is- 4/4 or 3/4, etc.

Grab your free template here.

Nov. 2022 Update: I have now started a product line of quick checks for formative assessments that have a pre-made goal setting template to match! You can check those out here.

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