Book a Month Campaign

Did you know only 53% of children are read to daily by a family member?


I cannot take credit for this idea- the amazing kindergarten team at my school shared this with me. But I will take credit for trying to spread this idea as far as possible! Scholastic Book Clubs has a book every month for only $1. Each grade level basically has their own to choose from, so this is for anyone! I send out a memo at the beginning of the year & parents who are interested in participating sign/return. I had 20 students in my class last year, so if a parent sent in $20 every student in my class got a book that month! So essentially I only needed half of my parents to participate in order to have ‘book a month’ all year. As the memos were returned, I assigned a month to the family. It is SO simple. No plot twists. (; My kids LOVED building their own library at home. I also added a label on the inside cover to let everyone know which family sponsored this book. My personal favorite are these Avery labels.



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