Football Transformation

I loved doing classroom transformations when I taught elementary school, so I am excited to share that I finally tried one with my middle schoolers! We used football decor to prepare for our inequalities quiz. All of my supplies was CHEAP from Wal-Mart, but here are some similar things on Amazon.

I even wore one of my favorite shirts from Trendy Teacherz– we interrupt this lesson to bring you football season! Use the code BROOKLYNSBRIGHTEST for 15% off!

Students were placed into groups of four to complete 4 downs aka tasks to prep for our quiz. I let them decide on a team name for fun! As students completed each ‘down’ one player of the team had to complete a problem. I had them write their name next to the problem for accountability. All players were supposed to watch for errors. Once they were finished, I came to check their answers before they started the next down.

The third and fourth downs were identifying the inequality on a graph & then actually graphing an inequality. When they completed all four downs, they put their team name on a ticket & placed it in the football ticket jar. When the timer went off for the game, I drew for a ticket. The winning team members each got a mini stress football. My middle schoolers absolutely loved it!!!

If you are interested in this specific content, it can be found in my TPT. I used this for my 7th grade math class. What are your favorite classroom transformations!?


  1. I bet they absolutely loved this! Love that you tried a transformation with older students. They sometimes get left out of this kind of fun!


  2. Oh my goodness! I love how you completely immerse your students into learning. The classroom decorations are fantastic. Your students must love your lessons/activities.


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