Slope Doctors

This was one of the MOST FUN ways I can think of to practice slope!!! Functions are huge for 8th grade math.. I have two advanced 7th grade classes to actually learn all of the 8th grade standards instead, & our unit on functions is SO long! This was such a fun way to practice applying our knowledge of slope using graphs, tables, & word problems. This product is from Rise Over Run on TPT. She is amazing!

There is an awesome recording sheet- look at all the ways they have to justify the slope!

Students were challenged with real world scenarios- but that was my favorite part! The tasks were on cholesterol & students getting sick with the flu. These are awesome tasks. I had gloves & masks donate by parents so the only thing I actually paid for out of pocket was the resource itself! I definitely think this is what made the lesson have a hook. YES my kids stayed on task & YES they loved these materials. We started out by doing questions 4-6 together so they had 3 examples. That left 9 patients for them. THEN I passed out the masks. I set 2-3 patients on each table & as they completed all the patients at their table they went to another table to solve. This kept it pretty organized! I checked answers as they went along & at the end of class we went over the top 2 that they struggled with.


  1. Wow! This is so cool. math was never my best subject in school. I never had teachers make to come to life like this. I would have benefited so much from this. I am so glad there are teachers out there like you who care to make math meaningful and fun. This is awesome!


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