Estimation Slides

I used these Estimation Slides during quarantine virtually as well as this past school year in person! It was a perfect warm-up at the end of the year, but would also be a great activity to incorporate on a regular basis! I was inspired by @mathtothe6thpower on Instagram.

In person this past year, I used these as our bellringers at the end of the year. We did 3-4 a day. Students disucssed as a group and decided on an estimate. They were given one minute to discuss and put their final answer on a whiteboard.

When the timer went off, the group with the closest number without going over got a point. At the end of the slides that day, I entered each winning group for a drawing. Whoever was chosen in the drawing got a prize. (Tickets, candy, sticker, etc.) You can of course have students individually estimate as well.

You can grab a free copy of the slides here!

Please tag me on social media if you decide to use them- I would love to see it!

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