Spin to Win

Who else likes to spice up their review every now and then!? It’s always important to keep my middle schoolers enagaged.. or else! This is a super simple and low prep way to add in some extra fun + focus.

I like to take a paper study guide and cut up the questions, or simply use task cards.

The, I display them one at a time for students to work in groups to solve. I usually set a timer to keep them on task. The time depends on the level of difficulty for each quesiton. Sometimes I give them a minute, or maybe I give them 3 if it’s a challenge or requires multiple steps.

When time is up, I have the groups hold up their answers. (I usually use white boards!) If the whole group has the same correct answer (more about that below), they get to participate in a spin! This is where it gets interesting. I put lots of different points- plus, minus, large, and small. So sometimes they gain 100, or maybe they lose 50! I reward the team with the highest points AND the lowest points, because sometimes there are a lot of teams in the negatives from getting a quesition right, but it was a negative spin.

What I also like about the game rules: Everyone in the group has to have the same answer to gain the spin points. This ensures communication. If one student has a different answer but eveyone else has the correct answer, they still don’t get the points from the spin. Trust me, after this happens 1-2 times, they are over not getting the spin and will communicate!

If you use this idea in your classroom, please tag me on social media- I would love to see it! @brooklynsbrightest on Instagram, and @brooklynsclass on Twitter.

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