Math vocabulary is something I have really started to focus more on this year. (I actually hosted a webinar and if you want to catch the replay click here and I will send it to you!)

I have made two activites for my students to incorproate more math vocabulary into the classroom.

Error Analysis

I love error analysis, but I wanted to take it a step further and have some task cards with errors in the definitions, and some without errors. It really makes students pay attention because they cannot assume something is wrong! If there is an error in the definition, they have to re-write the definition. If there is no error in the definition, they state there is no error.


I have a whole blog post here about 3 ways to use bingo in your classroom. I have created multiple vocabulary bingos to make math vocabulary fun.

Check out all my math vocabulary resources here. Have a topic request? Send me an email!

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