I presented at Summer Math Summit last year about my spiral bellwork- and it quickly became a bestseller on TpT. There is a reason why- I prefected this for 2 years in my own classroom before I shared anything about it. I always wanted to do a spiral review in my math classroom, but it was such a struggle. I am on 55 min, period. When I did a spiral review, it was like okay half of my class does now even know where to begib- maybe more.. and so it turned into a mini-lesson to explain that I really did not plan for. And then it all repeats tomorrow because the spiral review topic is different. (Sound familiar?)

I also want my bellwork to be meaningful. I want it to serve multiple purposes- I want students to come in my classroom and have a routine daily with how to start class. I want students to also get a review for a meaningful skill, and I want them to take the bellwork seriously and not sit there refusing to do it.. but I also do not want this to take long. 5-7 min. is ideal for me in my class period.

To make all of these things happen, I developed a plan. Monday-Thursday we review the same skill- different problems but all mirroring the same concept. Then on Friday I give a quiz over that concept using one question from each day. It’s such a great routine- it is truly beautiful. My students actually attempt the problems- they know it’s important for thie quiz on Friday- they are getting that meaningful review- they are bulding repition on a skill.. you get the idea!

You can check out my bellwork here. Algebra is next on my list. If you have another grade request please email me or comment below! brooklyn@brooklynsbrightest.org

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