Pixel Art is nothing new for the classroom- but my students still love it. I pretty much use it for every unit. It’s great self-checking practice I can’t argue with.

But I do like to change things up and keep things fresh in my room! So here are some simple ways that I spice things up a bit.

  1. I make it into a relay! I have students break into groups of 4 and make a line in front of a computer. Each students solves one problem and goes to the back of the line, etc. You can set up where students have say 3 pixel arts to complete this way, because they will finish one really quickly.
  2. Award tickets! Check out my super student approved ticket system.
  3. Musical chairs. Similar to the relay, you may want to set up 3+ pixel arts to solve. Play music and when the music stops, everyone bumps over one seat. (Good practice for learning clockwise + counterclockwise.) Play the music and students pick up on the new pixel art in front of them.

Be sure to check out my pixel art that I have created for my own middle school math students!

If you have some creative ideas for pixel art in the classroom, drop them below in a comment.

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