How I use Color by Numbers in my Classroom

-Turn Some Questions into a Google Form! I love to take a color by number sheet and screenshot 5 questions to pop into a Google Form. I like to leave these activites for a sub, and then the next day have them pull out their paper to pop answers into a Google Form. That leads me into the next idea- 

-Sub Plans! These are perfect because the coloring take some time, so they are great for a sub. I always leave an answer key for them! 

-I make them redeemable for tickets! Depending on the level of difficulty, I will make color by number worksheets redeemable for 2-3 tickets once the front and back are complete. (Check out my ticket system here if you aren’t familiar.) 

-Early Finishers. My early finishers also like these because they know they can be redeemed for tickets! 

-Quiz or Test Review. I love to pull out a color by number before a unit test to use it as a review. I will also have students circle questions that mirror any on our upcoming assessment so they can pay attention to that problem type.

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